Life Aboard

Seemant Kulleen


A tongue-twister that is actually factually actual, actually.
If in doubt, say it out; keep the beat: tap it out.

Portside; Inside/Outside: Starside.

You and he and she and me make four.

Before we were four,
Two more than before,
Before we were:
Two and two.

Before you two and we two (
Then you two and you two,
Then you two, then them two,
And more).

Before three, without me.
There were he, you and she.
Before three, there were three,
But with me.

We three became three
When mount came from sea,
We three,
We went undersea.

Before you two and ‘you two’,
And you, you, and you, too,
When three was: he, she
And he—No, after!

Before you were you two,
When you were just you
You were you,
Just you.

Your two became one,
Your one came from two,
Your two’s like the one from before.

Your [wand] became II,
Your two came from [wand].
You II is not like You before.

On your II, like before.
It’s your new and therefore.
Your new has become
Your new one.

Thanks to Medium’s color filters, I was able to get the perfect yellow hue on Judith Dolye’s magical photo (released under CC-By-ND-2.0) to complete this piece perfectly.

With humblest apologies to Dr. Seuss.